13th July 2022 0 Comments

Game Recommendation: Toem

Do you like photography? Do you like video games? What would you say if I told you there is a way you can do both? Well do I have a game for you! Welcome to the world of Toem, where your main objective is to make people happy by taking pictures. Story In this game […]

9th December 2021 0 Comments

Game Recommendation: Soda Dungeon 2

Soda anyone? Well, with this game you can battle monsters AND get your soda fix! Soda Dungeon 2 is a unique game combines turn based RPG with the theme of soda and its so fun. Raid the dark lord’s castle and stop him from destroying the world. Gameplay To stop the dark lord you must […]

7th August 2021 0 Comments

Game Recommendation: Fire ‘N’ Ice

Introduction So, you have a Nintendo Switch and have bought a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. With that subscription comes free NES and Super NES games. You’re excited to play these free NES and Super NES games, but you don’t know where to start? Then let me guide you to a little game called Fire ‘N’ […]

7th May 2021 0 Comments

Game Recommendation: Littlewood

Littlewood is a high quality farming/life simulator with a ton of content to relish in. An easy recommendation for fans of the genre.

4th March 2021 0 Comments

Game Recommendation: FEZ

FEZ is an endearing and engrossing puzzle platformer. Fun and constantly challenging, FEZ will make you look at other games differently.

5th February 2021 0 Comments

Game Recommendation: Simmiland

Simmiland is an engrossing and easy to understand God game with loads of charm and plenty of fun options for experimentation.

12th November 2020 0 Comments

Game Recommendation- Dungeon Mart

Welcome to the dungeon. We can’t wait to take your money! Dungeon Mart is a very unique shop simulator mixed with a merge game. I really enjoyed playing this game because there is no other game like this out there. I played Dungeon Mart on my Android phone for free. You can even play this […]

17th September 2020 0 Comments

Game Recommendation – Sprint RPG

Run! Slash! Discover! Why you ask? Because your playing Sprint RPG! This unique RPG had me coming back for more every time i put it down. This game is so different from other RPGs and thats why I like it so much. STORY In this game you play a swordsman who is exploring dungeons and […]

6th August 2020 0 Comments

Recommended Game – Quest Town Saga

Quest Town Saga is a triple threat. Why? Well do you like RPGs? Do you like town building games? Do you like monster collecting? Well this game has all three. That’s why I enjoyed playing Quest Town Saga. Personally I enjoy pixel games. If you do too then that’s also a plus. If your liking […]

28th June 2020 0 Comments

Game Recommendation-Animation Throwdown

Ever wondered what would happen if your favorite cartoon characters from FOX were to meet and battle it out. *Slowly raises hand* I would and if your anything like me then I know you would too. You see I grew up watching The Simpsons and Family Guy and Futurama just to name a few. These […]