4th March 2021

Game Recommendation: FEZ


If you’re looking for that next great game to add to your collection, then FEZ is just what the doctor ordered. What is FEZ? Is it a 2D platformer? Is it a 3D puzzle game? What if I told you that it is both? That’s right my fellow gamers, you have just come across a gem of a game. A game that is both 2D and 3D (and available on PS4 and Steam).

Graphics & Gameplay

FEZ is a fully pixelated game that makes beautiful 3D levels. The 2D portion of this game comes in the form of a 2D platformer. What makes this game 3D is that when you rotate the environment (which I will explain later) you can clearly see that each level is in fact 3D, but only being viewed from one angle of four at a time.

Sometimes you need to look at things from a fresh perspective.

So what do you do in FEZ? The goal in this game is to collect yellow cubes that have been scattered across the land. To do this you need to explore and solve puzzles. The cool thing about this game is how both the 2D and 3D are used together. You start off with a 2D view of each level as a platformer. What makes it cool is the variety of obstacles that this game throws at you.

Bounce pads, disintegrating floors, and invisible platforms are just a few traps that you will encounter. But in order to collect every cube you will have to use the power of the third dimension. In the beginning of the game you are given the power to travel in between the second and third dimension and rotate the level. It is your job to use this power to explore every nook and cranny. Using this power will let you reach different areas of the level you couldn’t reach before.

Careful, don’t fall.

Tips & Tricks

FEZ is a game of many secrets and collectibles. Solving puzzles will sometimes give you an anti-cube. Anti-cubes are blue and harder to find than the yellow cubes. Also one thing that you will like about this game is that if you fall from a high platform and die you will respawn in the same spot right before you fell. So don’t be afraid to explore high areas.

Another thing is that the more yellow cubes you find the more levels you will unlock. In this game you will either find yellow cubes or yellow cube shards. Collecting eight yellow cube shards will combine to make one whole yellow cube. Lastly, in the opening sequence of the game it may seem like the game has glitched. Don’t worry though, it’s all part of the game.

“Mysterious Cubes” could have been a good alternate title for this game.


I really loved playing FEZ. It was a very unique gameplay experience. The fact that this game is both 2D and 3D makes it that much better. I mentioned in the beginning that this game is a gem and I really meant it. There is really no other game out there like it. You can buy FEZ on the PlayStation store for 13 dollars or on steam for 10 dollars. Although I haven’t played FEZ on Steam, I would recommend playing it on the PS4, because in my opinion you’ll have better control over the main character using a controller. Well, now I’m off to play the next game to recommend…