Rabbit Rocket Racing

The rabbits are ready to race, and your help is needed do do some intense Rabbit Rocket Racing!

Rabbit Rocket Racing is a new game that is currently being tested. We need your comments and ideas to add the next big thing to the game.

The game

Race your own ghost, and see if you can beat your own record in this fast paced action packed Rabbit Rocket Racing game.

In this Epic Rabbit Rocket Racer, you will be controlling your space rocket, flying through space competing to reach the goal as fast as possible.
Once you are good enough, you will be traveling to exotic planets to take the racing to another level.
On the moon made of Cheese, don’t be fooled by the delicacy of the Cheese, if you stop to eat, you will for sure loose the race.
The planet made of delicious Gummy candy is a bouncy place, don’t bounce to much though, or your space rocket will fall apart.

How to play Rabbit Rocket Racing

This game is not for amateurs, and it requires some amount of skill to play. This game goes in the category of “Easy to learn, hard to master” – once you got the hang of it, you will feel like the best damn pilot the world have ever seen.

The instructions are straight forward, and not a big problem
Lets show you how NOT to play the game!


3 Worlds to compete on
5 Different Rocket to choose from
Race your own Ghost rocket
Collect Carrots to upgrade your rockets
Race fast to earn stars

Where to get

You can download it from Google play
Rabbit Rocket Racing on Google Play

You can download Rabbit Rocket Racing on Google Play

Once you have tried the game, please feel free to leave a comment below here, or join our discord server and leave some comments there.


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