Flick the Ball

Flick the ball, and see how far you can get before the flames get you in this action packed “race against time” game for Android.

Flick the ball is a small test on a game idea where you as a player should try to flick a ball as far as possible before getting caught by the fire.

The game is super simple, and have a single mechanic, drag your finger on the screen, let go, and see the ball go flying. For each round you should attempt to get it to fly longer than the previous round.

Drag the finger to get away from the fire, and collect the energy to be able to keep jumping.

There is two types of pickups, coins (which can be used to upgrade your ball) and energy (which can be used to further jump.

After each round, you will have the option to upgrade your ball, which will enable you to go even further the next round.

You can download it from Google play

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