Princess and Unicorn

Princess And Unicorn Poster If you like unicorns, princesses and the grim reaper, you will find them all in this vertical platform game. Princess and Unicorn utilize coordinated double jump mechanics for a speeding unicorn that run through a fairy tale land of eternal sunshine and puffy clouds. You play a heart filled Unicorn on its quest to rescue the princess, riding through an eternal sunshine filled fairy tale scenario, with the evil grim reaper in sharp pursuit. Aim your jumps to ascend to higher platforms and anticipate the speed and direction of your unicorn, to always stay one step ahead. On your journey you will find enchanted gifts of jump spells, random obstacles that bar your path, and you will rescue lost princesses and let them ride on your back until they are returned to their fairy tale castles. The game features an arcade fashioned gold coin currency system for upgrades to faster and better unicorns, and even lets you purchase new versions of unicorns to join your ranks. The pink unicorn is filled with love and candy-floss, while the rainbow unicorn will sweeten your day with all the lovely colors of the Rainbow.