Dungeon Mart
12th November 2020

Game Recommendation- Dungeon Mart

Welcome to the dungeon. We can’t wait to take your money! Dungeon Mart is a very unique shop simulator mixed with a merge game. I really enjoyed playing this game because there is no other game like this out there. I played Dungeon Mart on my Android phone for free. You can even play this game anywhere because it is an offline game.


This game starts off when a mischievous white rabbit sells you a legendary dungeon. But right after he disappears you find out that he really sold you an ordinary cave. Upset over what had just happened you decide to get back your money by swindling adventurers who explore your cave. And so the game begins.


So how exactly do you get your money back? First, you got to sell them weapons and armor. To do that you have to spend money to make money. Buying basic weapons and armor allows you to merge them and then sell them. Merging two of the same type of weapons will give you a much better weapon to sell. The same goes for armor. Here is the best part though. Once the adventurers are done exploring your cave you get to toss them into the air and collect all of the treasure they have found. What I found to be funny (besides tossing them into the air for cash) is that once you do that the adventurers yell out a squeaky “Nooo!!!”.


The graphics in this game are very cute. The character design of all the adventurers is made in the style of chibi people. Big heads and small bodies with a cartoon-like expression on their faces. Plus the voice work for when they buy something in your store is childlike.


There will be times where the adventurers will ask for meat, coffee, a shell, or an old book while exploring. Giving them these items will let them last longer in the cave. That means more money in their…I mean…your pocket. Sometimes you will get an alert telling you that one of the adventurers has found an extra large amount of treasure in the cave. They will be larger then the other explorers. You will have to toss them in the air multiple times in order to collect all of the treasure that they have found. Stealing from adventurers doesn’t make you all bad. For every ten seconds that pass, you can grant someone a free pass into your cave. Free pass? What? You didn’t think you were letting people into your cave with out an entrance fee did you? Just think about it for a moment. Letting small amounts of people in your cave for free means more people in your cave. Which means more people to steal from.

There are shop sims and there are merger games. But I have never played a game that was both. That is why I think this game is so unique. Add in the fact that the main focus of this game is stealing from chibi people and you got a hit. Please check this game out on Android devices. It’s free and playable offline.

I am Mrboldlyblue. A gamer, a reader, a writer, an artist and all around nerd at heart. I am passionate about all these things and would love to share these things with you. What better way then with a blog.

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