Planet Rabbit

The Space Rabbits are in a dire need for an evacuation. Can you save them all? Planit Rabbit is a casual space landing simulator. Navigate your spaceship through a cheese-based planet to evacuate your people. Beware of hazards and keep an eye on your fuel tank.

The pet Rabbits are stranded on different planets, and it is your mission to rescue them.
You will get your piloting skills tested, with this “easy to learn, hard to master” planet lander, where delicacy is key to controlling your space rocket.

Heavily inspired by the old arcade game “Lunar Lander”, in this lander game rocket simulator you have to control your fuel consumption and the way that you land your rocket on the different platforms.

Different Rockets will give you different benefits and each rabbit you rescue will give you Space-bucks that you can use to upgrade your rocket, or unlock new and exciting rockets.

You should take care of the dangerous missile towers and the closing space doors. If you get damaged, you can land on the convenient repair platforms and should you be so unlucky as to run low on fuel, you can land on the refuel platforms. Remember, if your run ends before taking a rabbit to base, you won’t get those space-bucks.

Mission control also has special missions for you to complete. If you complete them, you will be rewarded with increased income that will boost your overall income for each mission you complete.

Game includes:

  • Multiple space rockets to unlock;
  • New planets to explore (future update);
  • Dangerous cannon towers;
  • Treacherous space doors;
  • Rotating saw-blades (future update);
  • Refueling platforms;
  • Repair platforms;
  • Beautiful environments;
  • Fun and cute animals to rescue;
  • Hidden treasures and pickups to explore;
  • Exciting quest system, that will reward you for completing missions.

Each planet will have its own challenges in their environment, and will have different gravity, making some rockets better on some planets. So, pick the rocket you want to fly carefully and rescue them all!

Get it on

The rabbits you manage to rescue will be so grateful that they’ll give you credits. You can use those to improve your ship, or, even unlock better ones. Get ready to save them all!


The Press Kit for Planet Rabbit can be found HERE, for any information you can also contact us through the contact page.