Beat Cancer

Get ready!

The Cells are Greedy, and want to hurt you. Protect yourself!

Get ready to be insulted, as these Cancer cells are about to make you really really angry… luckily, the game will allow you to beat the life out of these cells before they can do any harm.

Protect yourself from these vicious and obnoxious cancer cells by finger punching them as they flow down the bloodstream. Some of them are pretty fast and hard to kill so we have prepared a small arsenal to help you get rid of them faster. For your effort of destroying the pesky cells, you will receive a handsome award in diamonds that you can later use to upgrade your arsenal of bombs, walls, and cannons.

Donate 20% to Cancer Research

Before we go on, I believe that it is important to note, that 20% of all revenue from Beat Cancer will be donated to Cancer research.

Each time a donation happens, it will be posted as a blogpost here on this site. A link to a research facility + links to donate without the game will be posted at a later time.

Revenue, means the money I make, so, it is after Google and Apple have taken their part. I am actively trying to give in the best way possible, so that as much as possible go to research, and as little goes to administration and taxes.

Currently, all donations will be given to “Kræftens Bekæmpelse“, which is a Danish organisation, that spend the money well, you can read more about their research here. Unfortunately, they only have a donation page in Danish, but if you want to donate to cancer research outside the game, you can do it here.


The game is available on Android and iPhone


Polyspice is hosting an Open Mic Night on Saturday, July 27th. Join us for a laugh and a chance to win the prizes. Learn more!

Action packed

Pick your weapon of choice, and decide how the cells are to be destroyed. Is the finger punching your preferred choice of action, or is heat seeking missiles your goto weapon? There is no right nor wrong here, whatever you chose, there is only one goal, to destroy cancer!

Cancer Cells

The cells have invaded your body, and there is different types of these cells. Your job is to remove them all.

The Cell Line up – These are the invaders of the body, and what you have to get rid of.

Mini Cell – This is a regular cell that will disappear when beaten enough.
Splitter – This Cell is fast and dangerous, it will split into two new mini cells upon death.
Shooter – This cell will shoot out Mini Cells, kill these cells fast before they become many.
Seeker – Will seek out and try to destroy your cannons and walls, they are durable.



Quick view of the gameplay of Beat Cancer


The Cancer cell wants to pursue a career within standup comedy – some would say that it is not going to well?

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