Food Fight – Bullies and Burgers

It’s a Food Fight! Grab a burger or a pizza and hit some fools!

Food Fight is our attempt as making a very simple and focused game, anyone should be able to pick it up and enjoy it regardless of age or skill.
It was made with a lot of care and attention and features some incredibly cute and delicious artwork, please give it shot, we hope you have fun!

Hit the bullies!

Bullies have overrun the Cabbage Academy Cafeteria! Arm yourself with a burger, a pizza or any other food to drive them out! The more bullies you hit, the more points you gain. Keep a streak going to max out your score multiplier!
So go on, take the enemy out to lunch. Serve them a burger at high velocity!

Avoid Rabbits!

But do be careful, there are innocents to avoid in this game! They’re simple rabbit students trying to have lunch.
Hitting a Rabbit will end your session, so keep watch for them!

Collect Food!

Try and collect all the different food served at CA’s Cafeteria, you’ll be given a free burger but from there you’ll have to get the bullies’ lunch money and buy pizza, ice cream, doughnuts and much more if you want to complete the whole menu!



The press kit for Food Fight is currently unavailable, if you have any questions or want to request materials for coverage please contact us!