Food Fight – Bullies and Burgers

There’re a lot of bullies needing to be taught a lesson in the world of the rabbits.

The solution is pretty simple, grab your favourite piece of food and hit them!

Don’t get deceived by their cute looks, these mischievous little varmints are always trying to ruin the fun for the rabbits. So go ahead and hit them with that burger!

Carefully time your taps and watch as mayhem unfolds and food is splattered everywhere! If you don’t let a single bully get away and don’t miss any shots, you’ll see your streak grow and your points will sky rocket!

Hit the special bullies to seize their ill-begotten lunch money! You can use these coins to buy all kinds of food, all in the better for serving up a buffet of pain!

Watch out! Not everybody is causing trouble around these parts! Please spare the rabbits, otherwise it is all for nothing!