13th July 2022

Game Recommendation: Toem

Do you like photography? Do you like video games? What would you say if I told you there is a way you can do both? Well do I have a game for you! Welcome to the world of Toem, where your main objective is to make people happy by taking pictures.


In this game you play a young lad who is going on a journey to witness a natural phenomenom known as Toem. Along the way he will meet many different people who are in need of a helping hand. And so with your trusty camera you set off on your photographic adventure.


Toem is a pretty simple game to understand. Go up to somebody and start a conversation. They will then ask you a favor involving the use of your camera. For example: Early on in the game you will meet a camp counselor who wants you to take pictures of three specific types of plants. It is then your job to find these plants and snap a photo of them. There are other people who will give you a challenge to complete. Then there are the fetch quest. Sometimes people will give you items after completing a task that others may be looking for. You might even find them lying around. Some items you get to keep and will be useful later on.

Just look at all the photo ops!

Completing a task will sometimes earn you a stamp. Get enough stamps and you will be able to ride the bus to the next area free of charge. There is more to this game then just completing task for people. In your photo album there is a section called the compendium. You can fill this section up by taking pictures of any animal you find in the area. From birds to bugs to even a pet rock! As you play through the game you will unlock new features for your camera like the horn and tripod. The horn can be used to get a reaction out of your subject, while the tripod will give you a new angle for your photos that you couldn’t get before.


Toem is a game that was made completely in black and white. This decision was probably made to go with the theme of photography. As far as the graphics go everything has been hand drawn so that everything looks cartoony. Which isn’t a bad thing. Also, all of the characters in this game are 2D in a 3D world. Imagine the game Paper Mario but in black and white. That is what you will be getting in Toem.

*sigh* So many memories…


In the beginning of the game you will receive a radio. With this radio you will be able to listen to any music you have unlocked through out the game. Plus you will be able to choose what song will be playing in the background as you play the game. Unlocking music is easy as all you have to do is enter a new area and its music will be unlocked. Speaking of Toem’s music each track is nice, soothing, and relaxing. Casual music for a casual game!


I really enjoyed playing Toem. It is a really unique and chill game. One part of the game that i really enjoyed was when you are tasked with finding hidden objects by looking through your camera and pointing at them. You can play the game on Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If you want to take a break from saving the world this game might just be for you. So as always its on to the next…

Good dog!