Quest Town Saga
6th August 2020

Recommended Game – Quest Town Saga

Quest Town Saga is a triple threat. Why? Well do you like RPGs? Do you like town building games? Do you like monster collecting? Well this game has all three. That’s why I enjoyed playing Quest Town Saga. Personally I enjoy pixel games. If you do too then that’s also a plus. If your liking what your hearing about this game so far then you should know that this game is free on the Google Play Store.


So in this game a town was destroyed by monsters. Your job is to rebuild it to its former glory. A town that will have people and monsters co-exist peacefully.


After picking your adventurers class you will be able to start doing quests. Quests are pretty straight forward. You walk around an area fighting monsters and collecting treasure. At the end of every quest there is a boss battle. After boss battles a monster will appear and say it wants to join you on your journey. Then you will be able to take that monster with you on your next quest to fight by your side. The money you find in chests during quests can be used to buy better weapons and armor. More importantly money can be spent to build houses and other buildings for your growing town. After completing a hand full of quest you gain the ability to fuse monsters. When you fuse monsters together you get a choice of three strong end result monsters to choose from.

Tips and Tricks

If you still need that extra kick in battles then you can add other players to your party too. I recommend doing this because although the first couple of quest are easy it suddenly gets harder. Also if you can find someone to add to your party that has a ranged attack you should definitely add them. Doing so will let you last longer in the battle field as ranged attackers will less likely to be hit by enemy attacks. You can always be the ranged attacker too if you prefer it that way. Another tip is to make sure you are aware of the amount of space you have for monsters. Remember: You dont gotta catch ’em all. To make space you can fuse monsters or just flat out reject a monster from joining you. Also be sure to explore every corner of the quest area for treasure chest. It may be easier to just run through an area and go straight to the boss but doing so may have you miss out on generous treasure chests. If you encounter a group of enemies they are usually protecting one or more treasure chests.

I’m recommending this game because I love RPGs. Especially if the RPG involves catching monsters. Always have and always will. And like I mentioned earlier i love pixelated games too. This has everything i would want in a RPG. You should definitely consider trying this game out. I highly recommend playing this game. Don’t forget its free in the Google Play Store. So download it now. You wont regret it.

I am Mrboldlyblue. A gamer, a reader, a writer, an artist and all around nerd at heart. I am passionate about all these things and would love to share these things with you. What better way then with a blog.


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