Sprint RPG
17th September 2020

Game Recommendation – Sprint RPG

Run! Slash! Discover! Why you ask? Because your playing Sprint RPG! This unique RPG had me coming back for more every time i put it down. This game is so different from other RPGs and thats why I like it so much.


In this game you play a swordsman who is exploring dungeons and looking for relics. Yeah thats it as far as its story goes. But the fun is not with the story, but with its gameplay.

beat the clock


Do you have quick fingers? Your gonna have to if your gonna play this game. In it you have to run through a linear dungeon, defeat enemies, and collect coins and relics. The thing is that you have to do all those things and reach the exit while beating the clock. Also, you cant just hack and slash enemies. Each monster has its own sword and shield pattern in order to defeat them. If you mess up the pattern a chunk of time goes down. So you gotta be sharp.


Collecting items is a big part of this game. While running through dungeons you will find treasure chests. In these treasure chests you will find one of three things inside: coins, monsters, and relics. Use coins to unlock new gear. Defeat an enemy and it will be recorded in your Monster Book. There you can find each monsters defeat pattern. After every completed level, you fill up your experience bar. Once you do that you gain a big chunk of change.


The graphics in this game are cartoony but also pixelated. This game doesnt take itself too seriously either. When you have collected enough coins you can buy mystery items. These items are most likely gonna be silly. So you can swap out your regular sword and shield for a heart mug and raw fish. This is why i like this game so much. The pixelated cartoony look with its funny collectable items. And your gonna bet the relics your looking for are gonna be just as silly.

Know your enemy

This game has an old school look to it. Its black and white and it makes you feel like your in an arcade. You will notice it right away at the start screen. Instead of saying press start, it says insert coin. Also the music that plays in the background is very retro arcade like.


Did I mention that I love this game. I love the challenge of racing against the clock in every level. I love the quick thinking you have to have in order to defeat monsters. And lastly I love the item collecting through out the game. One tip I would like to share is to make sure you look through the monster book. You gotta learn the defeat patterns if your ever going to progress in this game.

Dress to impress!

If I have convinced you to check this game out then…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! If I have you on the fence then just check this out: this game is free to play from the Google Play Store. This is a great game and you should definitely try it out.

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