Idle Bunny Breeder

You are the manager of “Idle Bunny Breeder” and you manage the Bunny farms, make sure that there is food enough, and once this is in place, make sure that they will pay you to go to space.

In this fun Idle Bunny Breeder game, it is all about balancing the needs of the Bunnies so that in the end, they will pay to be taken to the next planet.

The game is one of our first Idle games, so we are experimenting and trying out things. The current state of the game is that we have implemented the core loop of the game. And for now this is what we will be focusing on, getting the fundamentals to work.

This is a short play of the core loop. In Idle Bunny Breeder, it is about breeding Bunnies, growing Carrots, and then sending these off to space for profit.

How to play

Playing Idle Bunny Breeder is not hard, all you have to do is to build a Bunny Breeder building, then you should have a carrot breeding building. Once you have these two buildings, you will start breeding both Bunnies and Carrots. Each time you have 1 Bunny and 5 Carrots, this will be enough to send the Bunny into space, to colonize a new planet. Once you have the main production pipes going, you can upgrade the buildings to get a bigger gain from your production, speeding up the process.

If you have Windows, you can download the game here. Simply Unzip it, and then run the exe file.

If you are on Android or iOS – please join our Discord channel, and we will provide you with access.

In Idle Bunny Breeder, you can click on the buildings to upgrade them if you have Space Bucks enough.
In Idle Bunny Breeder, you can click on the buildings to upgrade them if you have Space Bucks enough.

Testing the game

In the current state, the game is at its core. That means that it ONLY have the core loop going for it. Nothing more, that game is a bit boring in its current state, but it should show the essence and core of what the game will be about.

That means, that we are looking for flaws and problems in the way that we show and work with the core loop of the game. This also means, that there is an extremely limited amount of things that you can do, because we want to focus on the core.
If you could download and play the game for 5 minutes, while playing, note down the things where you were thinking “Why does it do this?” or “What am I supposed to do now?”

In this test, it is important that you have a focus on the clarity of the gameplay, and try to note problems with it. We are looking for problems with the Core gameplay loop, and ideas on how to solve these problems, so that the core of the game is super clear. After this, we will decide if the game should swim, and if so, we add the next round if ideas and features.

Get in touch

Idle Bunny Breeder is currently in testing. And you can only test it by signing up as a tester. Please contact us via, the contact form or join our discord server, and let us know that you would like to participate in the testing.

Please feel free to leave a comment below here, or join our discord server and leave some comments there.

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