7th May 2021

Game Recommendation: Littlewood

Ever wondered what happens after the hero defeats the villain? What happens once the world has been saved? Well you’re about to find out. Littlewood is a farming, town building, and crafting based life sim that is surely gonna make it hard for you to put it down. There are lots of things for you to do in this game. I played this game on the Nintendo Switch but you can also play this game on Steam.


Littlewood begins where the adventure ends. You see you are the hero who has just saved the world from the dark wizard. Your home town has been completely destroyed in the process. To make matters worse you now suffer from amnesia. Now with the help from your two best friends its your job to rebuild your home and retrieve your lost memories.


You have become Mayor of your town and as mayor it is your job to attract people to your town and build them houses. Talk to people and they will give you blue prints to build houses and other structures that will help your town thrive. So now you have some blue prints. What is next? You are now going to have to search for and collect different types of wood and stone to start building. There are many types of blue prints out there to collect, ranging from homes to decoration to stores.

Before long your town will be a sprawling monument to your work.

Sometimes talking with people will get you key items like a net to catch bugs or a fishing pole to catch fish. Catching bugs and fish aren’t the only activities you can do. You can tend to a farm growing crops and taking care of animals. Then you can sell your crops in the market place. Or create meals with them at the inn. There is also a card game called Tarot Monsters that you can unlock later on in the game. Almost everything you do has a meter attached to it. The more you do a certain activity the more the meter will fill and level up. Leveling up is important because then you will be able to collect more items and do more activities. You can even compliment, flirt with, date and marry any of the other characters in the game. Same or opposite sex.


The warm colors of the Autumn season are especially pleasant.

This game has a very pixelated art style. While talking with the characters in the game you will see a little portrait of them slightly pixelated. But during the gameplay you will definitely notice that each character is a tiny group of pixels. The different locations you will be traveling to aren’t as bad as the character sprites. Overall, if you enjoy the art style you will enjoy this game.

Tips and Tricks

One thing you have to be aware of is that you may get a rare item worth a lot of money. Don’t be quick to sell it because there might be an item to craft that may need it. Also when you search for resources outside of town there will be monsters that will attack you. In this game there is no weapons to use on them so your only choice is to dodge.


This game is so much fun. I really enjoyed playing Littlewood. For 15 dollars you can play this game on steam or the Nintendo Switch. It’s worth it trust me it’s worth it. Well its on to the next…