Animation Throwdown
28th June 2020

Game Recommendation-Animation Throwdown

Ever wondered what would happen if your favorite cartoon characters from FOX were to meet and battle it out. *Slowly raises hand* I would and if your anything like me then I know you would too. You see I grew up watching The Simpsons and Family Guy and Futurama just to name a few. These shows always made me laugh and entertained me. And now to have all of these funny characters in a trading card game and to have it in one free andriod app is awesome.



So, how did this hilarious combination occur. Well you can blame Professor Farnsworth for that. One of his experiments goes haywire bringing all of FOX’s animated characters together.

card batle


So first things first you have to pick a character that will represent yourself in the game. They give you a small list of characters for you to choose from. I chose Bob from Bobs Burgers. After that they give you a starter pack of cards to get you going. Then its time to BATTLE!!! Each card has two symbols that represent health and attack power. The character you chose to represent you also has a health meter. Your job is to bring that characters health down to zero. Harder then it sounds because the cards you play are there to protect you. Each card has a picture of an item or character from its respective shows. The coolest thing about this game is that you can fuse the cards you have together to get a stronger item or character from their show. How do i know what cards can fuse and which cards cant. Well there are two ways to figure that out. Way number one is that while in the middle of a battle your cards will surge with electricity. All of the cards in your hand and field that are surging with electricity can be fused together. Way number two would be to choose two cards to be put in a chamber and wait for the chamber to tell you if the cards can be combined. The good thing about fused cards is that not only are they stronger they also have an extra effect. It can be from poison to extra hits to healing.


The graphics in this game stay true to the shows. Everything in this game is as it should be: Cartooney. One thing i would have liked is voice work for the game. All the conversations in the game is in speech bubbles.

Who are all there ugly people?

I recommend this game because it is easy enough to understand how to play and the rules are simple. What attracted me to this game apart from other card games is that the cards are recognizable. Each card has a picture of an iconic item or characters from their show. And even if you dont recognize the card it might just still make you laugh. This game is free to play in the google play store. you are really going to enjoy playing this game.

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