30th January 2021 by Robert Ball

Food Fight Beta Release

Food Fight – Bullies and Burgers At long last we’ve got Project Food Fight to a state of Playable Beta! It’s also got a catchy new Subtitle in its name. Food Fight: Burgers and Bullies! Development of Food Fight began with the concepts of Simplicity and Elegance in mind. We are focusing our efforts on […]
22nd December 2020 by Robert Ball

Planet Rabbit Christmas Update

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas from the Rabbit Observatory!We’re all pleased to announce that Christmas IS observed on Planet Rabbit! Though I have no rational explanation yet as to why, they decorate trees with lights and exchange gifts and sing just like many Humans do! Naturally, these Holiday festivities have also spread to our brave […]
8th December 2020 by Robert Ball

Announcing Project “Codename: Food Fight”

Food Fight. Greetings! We at Polyspice are hard at work on an all new project. During an internal poll, we made a shocking discovery: ALL PEOPLE EAT. It’s true! Our very own artist, the incomparable Alexandra loves to cook, and naturally from that arose a new and cutesy Cooking Game she named “Rabbit Chefs”. After […]
27th October 2020 by Robert Ball

Planet Rabbit Version 1.0 is here!

The latest and greatest build (So far) of Planet Rabbit is here, Version 1.0! We’ve been busy bunnies as usual, and have implemented a Daily Rewards system for each and every day players log in, up to 7 consecutive days. This rewards folk for coming back to practice their piloting and will help players accumulate […]
3rd October 2020 by Robert Ball

Planit Rabbit 0.9 Patch 1 – Now it got even better

Greetings! We’re pleased to say our Dev Team have been very busy little Bunnies and we are now ready to show you Planit Rabbit 0.9 Patch 1. We’ve primarily been tightening all the virtual bolts and screws, making things more Stable in relation to the 0.9 release described here. One fun fact, did you know […]
2nd September 2020 by Robert Ball

Planit Rabbit Release!

Planit Rabbit Release! At Polyspice, we’re so happy to present the release of Planit Rabbit – Version 0.9 Planit Rabbit is evolving. Previously we had a vast and seemingly endless space a player would fly around in until they crashed. This was good, but much simpler than the more Intentional Video Game we dreamed about. […]
29th August 2020 by Robert Ball

3 New UFO’s have been sighted travelling the Interstellar Highways!

3 New UFO’s have been sighted, though they are mysterious, fear not dear Rabbiteers! They come in Peace! Aaaaaand at rock bottom prices! Developed as something of a Beginner craft for new players, the UFO series of Spacecraft has been instrumental in flattening out the Learning Curve. Encouraging new pilots to stick around by eliminating […]
22nd August 2020 by Robert Ball

Life of Martin

Martin was musically inclined from the start, and his love of music has permeated across his existence along with his fondness for the ridiculous. In fact, like most men of comedy, if you were to bisect him into two equally sized Martins, both would be bleeding profusely and you’d probably go to jail. But if […]
9th July 2020 by Robert Ball

How I Got Here – The tale of Robert Kelly Ball

I am Robert Ball, I write for both 181Gaming.com and Polyspice. I’m Robert, @RobertKellyBall on Twitter, and I’m new here.  Any time I talk about this era of my life, I start it off with my Divorce. A profoundly unhappy time for anyone. It began a seemingly endless cycle of recovery and false starts, of […]
8th May 2020 by Daniel Rosales

Planit Rabbit Open Beta Release

Bunny Service announcement Help is on the way, I repeat, HELP IS ON THE WAY. In this time of emergency,  remember to keep calm, stock up on carrots, and download plenty of Polyspice mobile games. No rabbit is to leave their hutch until the evacuation rocket arrives. We’re happy to announce Planit Rabbit Open Beta […]