3 New UFO’s have been sighted traveling
29th August 2020

3 New UFO’s have been sighted travelling the Interstellar Highways!

3 New UFO’s have been sighted, though they are mysterious, fear not dear Rabbiteers! They come in Peace! Aaaaaand at rock bottom prices!

Developed as something of a Beginner craft for new players, the UFO series of Spacecraft has been instrumental in flattening out the Learning Curve. Encouraging new pilots to stick around by eliminating that pesky Gravity factor using our patented Polyspice EZ Engine!

These 3 are our newest iteration of UFO spacecraft.

Starter UFO

Your Starter UFO doesn’t look like a lot anymore, but in the past it’s served faithfully as a training vehicle for new pilots. It’s easy to fly, easy to afford, and has great fuel efficiency.

It once had both cushioned seats AND air conditioning, but the flight instructor ripped it all out after finding a trainee canoodling with his daughter. His ability to trust never fully recovered from the betrayal, much like the ability to swallow for the trainee.

Classic! UFO’s

Next up, is a UFO right and true. It looks like it flew straight out of a hysterically bad 1950’s Sci Fi… The Classic! UFO’s like these have seen steady use by extraterrestrials over the years owing to their simple controls and no nonsense aesthetic. At only a Thousand Spacebucks, this will be a great Day One purchase for any Rabbiteer!

UFO next up

The still of the night
Rabbits are rescued
Make big Spacebucks
I will!

Okay okay I’ll drop the Haiku. This sleek and shiny looking UFO was built for *REDACTED* missions by *REDACTED* Space Ninjas!