Life of Martin
22nd August 2020

Life of Martin

life of Martin

Martin was musically inclined from the start, and his love of music has permeated across his existence along with his fondness for the ridiculous. In fact, like most men of comedy, if you were to bisect him into two equally sized Martins, both would be bleeding profusely and you’d probably go to jail.

But if you were to simply poke him with a needle, and stuck your ear up to it, you’d hear a bunch of undiagnosed cartoon cancer cells performing Folk Punk music. Such is his love, such is his passion, and he really should see a doctor about that.

An artist through and through, he’s also quite a talented voice actor. I’ve heard some of his work and I must say, he’s gifted at granting both humor and credibility to a character. He truly is an unparalleled genius when it comes to pretending to be an idiot. He has the makings of a great American Politician should he ever decide to cross the pond.

To be serious for a minute, Martin gave me really brilliant information on his career for this Bio, and I hope to share some of it here.
First off, he was inspired early by a band called the Levellers. They’re not exactly mainstream, which I suppose automatically gives them some Hipster Credibility. One lyric resonated with his pimply teenage mind “There’s only one way of life and that’s your own” and with that a fanatic was born. He’s seen them live multiple times since then, and even got to briefly meet their Lead Singer once!

Next, Martin’s own musical adventures in his own band went through several pronounced phases. First off was a Punk Rock type band, which saw some airtime on BBC RADIO 1… At about 4AM when only the real freakshows were awake to hear it. Still it was a great success for a small punk act and Martin was thrilled with this early taste of musical acclaim.

Then it became all about “Fast, frantic, folk-punk” which actually sounds very compelling to me, and later became even more of a Folk act as time wore on. Not that this hurt their performance one bit! He told of this beautiful moment when the band was originally booked to play a gig as their Punk incarnation, but showed up to play as their later Folk influenced incarnation. Despite initially being full of rather skeptical hardcore punkers, Martin’s band managed to slowly win over the room with their music until everybody was dancing and having a grand old time.

He wrote so as to capture some beautiful moments, eloquently enough that I’d like to share one of his stories Verbatim on here sometime. Though I decided to leave that option open for later down the road for brevity’s sake.

All of this comes together to form somebody I’m glad we have working with us, with versatile talents and no small skill as a writer himself. I present to ye, Mr Martin Whiskin.

For any that wanna check out his recent Voice Over work & such, I’ll just link to his website here!