Planet Rabbit Christmas
22nd December 2020

Planet Rabbit Christmas Update

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas from the Rabbit Observatory!
We’re all pleased to announce that Christmas IS observed on Planet Rabbit! Though I have no rational explanation yet as to why, they decorate trees with lights and exchange gifts and sing just like many Humans do!

Naturally, these Holiday festivities have also spread to our brave Rabbit Colonists. So all of the Colony Habitats are now decorated with Lights and Presents!

In terms of the Game itself our Artist has made some refinements to the User Interface, Our Developers have made adjustments to make the collisions feel “Crunchier”, and our Sound Engineer has pumped out some new sounds and popping tunes!

(ProTip for GameDevs: We have learned that Sound Engineers possess great distaste for pain. Threaten yours with a taser if you’re on a tight budget and need to negotiate a discount. Don’t thank us, we’re just paying the favor forward. Come back next week for more tips on how to masterfully manipulate your employees!)


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