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30th January 2021

Food Fight Beta Release

Food Fight – Bullies and Burgers

At long last we’ve got Project Food Fight to a state of Playable Beta!

It’s also got a catchy new Subtitle in its name. Food Fight: Burgers and Bullies!

Development of Food Fight began with the concepts of Simplicity and Elegance in mind. We are focusing our efforts on one Core Mechanic and making it work great, then building the rest of the game around and atop that foundation once we feel we have perfected it. In this case, we’re betting everything on pelting adorable troublemakers with fast food. Because God knows how many times I have wanted to inflict cranial trauma with a doughnut.

We’re also pretty hyped about how finally the Bunnies and Foxes and Gators and Mice will finally be close enough during gameplay for a Player to appreciate their designs! Soon I’ll put together a proper Profile piece featuring our Alexandra for you all to enjoy. I just need to call up her family and dig around for some humiliating stories from her childhood to keep things interesting.

Our Musician/Sound Engineer had a blast recording the squishy squashy sounds of thrown food. Yes, if you work hard and follow your dreams, you too can be paid actual money to play with your food. While the game itself is deliberately messy, the music is anything but. I’ve come to love the tune our dear Martin has cooked up, it has this catchy chiptune sound that I’ll be humming in my sleep for the next week.

It’s been fun, but it ain’t over yet. We’re in the Home Stretch and we need Beta Testers. So by all means, coerce, extort, do whatever it takes to “Encourage” your family and friends to lend us a hand! *Polyspice categorically refuses to be held accountable for any Crimes/and/or Acts of Violence committed as a result of this Post.