5th November 2020 by Greyson Ditzler

The Game Recommendation Podcast – Part Time UFO

On this month’s episode of the Polyspice Game Recommendation Podcast; Thorbjorne, Robert, Gerardo, Daniel and Greyson all discuss the mobile and Switch physics-based crane puzzle game Part Time UFO!  Part Time UFO is a game developed by Hal Egg. A smaller division of the company behind the Kirby series. It has just as much charm [&he ...
27th October 2020 by Greyson Ditzler

Recommended Game – Going Under

Going Under is, simply put, brilliant. It’s incredibly fun, funny, and depressingly relateable. A must play for anyone who’s ever had a job. I don’t get excited for new games as much as I used to anymore. I’ve been disappointed or lied to too many times to summon the same level of hype I was […]
15th October 2020 by Robert Ball

Recommended Game – Void Terrarium

Void Terrarium is a story about fragility and the tragic beauty of life.It tells this story by way of a somewhat niche mode of gameplay, that of a Mystery Dungeon Roguelite. Trailer here! Frustrations abound for first time players, particularly when they go into the experience blind. When the movement first becomes Grid based, players […]
15th October 2020 by Daniel Rosales

The Game Recommendation Podcast – Does Not Commute

Welcome to Does Not Commute. The top-down driving game with a Temporal Twist! In this game, you control everyone one at a time. In a small town of folk living day to day, both your driving and their bad decisions can get out of hand in a hurry. Experience a whole new level of road […]
30th September 2020 by Greyson Ditzler

Recommended Game – Salad Fields

There are a lot of interesting creators in the video game industry. There are mainstream Triple-A developer with huge budgets and heavy duty marketing, smaller independent developers who tour convention scenes and spread positive criticism mainly through word of mouth, and then there’s the classic tale of the lone bedroom programmer. This leads ...
17th September 2020 by gerardo medina

Game Recommendation – Sprint RPG

Run! Slash! Discover! Why you ask? Because your playing Sprint RPG! This unique RPG had me coming back for more every time i put it down. This game is so different from other RPGs and thats why I like it so much. STORY In this game you play a swordsman who is exploring dungeons and […]
3rd September 2020 by Robert Ball

Recommended Game -Megabyte Punch

Megabyte Punch feels like one of those games I’d dream of growing up. A Megaman Style Platformer with Customizable Characters, mechanics borrowed from Super Smash Bros and up to 4 Players? I couldn’t write my Key Request email fast enough! Setting Megabyte Punch centers on a very digital world full of Robots of varying forms […]
20th August 2020 by Greyson Ditzler

Recommended Game – Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Introduction Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe is a highly unique cooking game. It was originally released for Nintendo Switch and PC in 2017 as just Battle Chef Brigade. Before eventually being expanded on into its current version with several new modes and the added title of Deluxe. It remains to this day one of the most […]
13th August 2020 by Jason Gross

Recommended Game – Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World is the mobile version of the classic Nintendo game Dr. Mario which was originally released in 1990 for NES. The original game featured Mario in a doctor’s jacket dropping color-coded capsules to eliminate viruses. Dr. Mario essentially combined the popular hit Tetris with Sega’s colorful Columns into a fun puzzle gam ...
6th August 2020 by gerardo medina

Recommended Game – Quest Town Saga

Quest Town Saga is a triple threat. Why? Well do you like RPGs? Do you like town building games? Do you like monster collecting? Well this game has all three. That’s why I enjoyed playing Quest Town Saga. Personally I enjoy pixel games. If you do too then that’s also a plus. If your liking […]