21st February 2021 0 Comments

Recommended Game – Killer7

There’s nothing else quite like Killer7. It’s cool, creepy, fun and truly unique. You owe it to yourself to try it at least once.

17th February 2021 0 Comments

Recommended Game – The Takeover

Introduction The Takeover isn’t a huge game.But I do hope it will be remembered in the years to come. Many folk look on yesteryear fondly.I don’t. While there are great things in the past, it’s never as rosy as it feels in your mind’s eye. No drink ever tasted so good as the pristine memory […]

2nd December 2020 0 Comments

The Game Recommendation Podcast – Mibibli’s Quest

On this month’s episode of the Polyspice Game Recommendation Podcast; Thorbjorne, Robert, Gerardo, Daniel and Greyson discuss the experimental, art-house style 2D Platformer Mibibli’s Quest! Brought into the world by the hands of Resni, a unique and outspoken indie developer also responsible for games like Peen Peen and Salad Fields, Mibibli’s Quest turned out to […]

30th September 2020 0 Comments

Recommended Game – Salad Fields

There are a lot of interesting creators in the video game industry. There are mainstream Triple-A developer with huge budgets and heavy duty marketing, smaller independent developers who tour convention scenes and spread positive criticism mainly through word of mouth, and then there’s the classic tale of the lone bedroom programmer. This leads me to […]

20th August 2020 0 Comments

Recommended Game – Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Introduction Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe is a highly unique cooking game. It was originally released for Nintendo Switch and PC in 2017 as just Battle Chef Brigade. Before eventually being expanded on into its current version with several new modes and the added title of Deluxe. It remains to this day one of the most […]

24th June 2020 0 Comments

Recommended Game – Bug Fables

Moonsprout Games’ turn-based RPG Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is a love letter to the first two games in the Paper Mario series. Those first two entries in the console-based Mario RPG series are regarded by many as some of the best games ever made by Nintendo, which is no small feat. Bug Fables was made with a crowdfunded budget […]