18th March 2022 0 Comments

My Metroid Odyssey: An OCD Perspective

Introduction Metroid is a series I grew up alongside, always being aware of it despite not playing the games for myself until the release of Fusion and Prime in the early 2000’s. This is the story of my experiences with 2D Metroid, the good and especially the bad over the years.  As a Nintendo kid […]

19th June 2021 1 comment

Tech Recommendation – Power A Wireless Enhanced Controller

Looking for a quality Nintendo Switch controller at an affordable price? Power A wireless controllers have you covered!

16th April 2021 0 Comments

Recommended Game – The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is an approachable slice of dystopian sci-fi with enough versatile and varied gameplay to keep you engaged for hours.

17th February 2021 0 Comments

Recommended Game – The Takeover

Introduction The Takeover isn’t a huge game.But I do hope it will be remembered in the years to come. Many folk look on yesteryear fondly.I don’t. While there are great things in the past, it’s never as rosy as it feels in your mind’s eye. No drink ever tasted so good as the pristine memory […]

30th January 2021 0 Comments

Food Fight Beta Release

Food Fight – Bullies and Burgers At long last we’ve got Project Food Fight to a state of Playable Beta! It’s also got a catchy new Subtitle in its name. Food Fight: Burgers and Bullies! Development of Food Fight began with the concepts of Simplicity and Elegance in mind. We are focusing our efforts on […]

22nd December 2020 0 Comments

Planet Rabbit Christmas Update

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas from the Rabbit Observatory!We’re all pleased to announce that Christmas IS observed on Planet Rabbit! Though I have no rational explanation yet as to why, they decorate trees with lights and exchange gifts and sing just like many Humans do! Naturally, these Holiday festivities have also spread to our brave […]

17th December 2020 0 Comments

Recommended Game -Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a rule breaker, a transgressive and volatile little game.It is dark and brooding and moody and violent. It will throw down the gauntlet and dare you to pick it back up. Video Games don’t behave in this way, and yet Darkest Dungeon does.I love it. Make choices wisely, as you won’t get […]

8th December 2020 0 Comments

Announcing Project “Codename: Food Fight”

Food Fight. Greetings! We at Polyspice are hard at work on an all new project. During an internal poll, we made a shocking discovery: ALL PEOPLE EAT. It’s true! Our very own artist, the incomparable Alexandra loves to cook, and naturally from that arose a new and cutesy Cooking Game she named “Rabbit Chefs”. After […]

8th December 2020 0 Comments

Lovecraft Christmas

Lovecraft Christmas Season’s Greetings! Robert here, Have you ever decorated a tree for Christmas? Most folk have, what with the popularity of the Holiday. But a bit fewer (I hope) have done so immediately after becoming too obese for their last pair of Pants. Thank the Void for Elasticity eh? I hope some of the […]

27th October 2020 0 Comments

Planet Rabbit Version 1.0 is here!

The latest and greatest build (So far) of Planet Rabbit is here, Version 1.0! We’ve been busy bunnies as usual, and have implemented a Daily Rewards system for each and every day players log in, up to 7 consecutive days. This rewards folk for coming back to practice their piloting and will help players accumulate […]