8th December 2020

Lovecraft Christmas

Lovecraft Christmas Season’s Greetings!

Robert here, Have you ever decorated a tree for Christmas? Most folk have, what with the popularity of the Holiday. But a bit fewer (I hope) have done so immediately after becoming too obese for their last pair of Pants. Thank the Void for Elasticity eh?

I hope some of the folk reading can sympathize. And for those that can’t, I shall pray to Nyarlathotep that you awaken tomorrow morning as a morbidly obese FrogFish. Disproportionate? Maybe. But then again so is my BMI. No Apologies here.

Darkest Dungeon
Darkest Dungeon

Spiteful petitions to Outer Gods aside, I’m nearing completion of my Game Recommendation Article covering the Gothic/Eldtrich Horror masterpiece that is Darkest Dungeon! In preparation for the Article, I have been reading Lovecraft’s books and particularly enjoyed the Shadow Over Innsmouth. While the game is inspired by Lovecraft, you don’t actually need to be familiar with his Mythos to enjoy Darkest Dungeon. In any case I hope my article convinces some folk to get their (Potentially webbed) fingers on the game for themselves!