23rd June 2016 0 Comments

Princess and Unicorn are coming to iPhone

Friends, you are now looking at a post, made by a happy owner of a “mac mini” – it was a though decision, but it was a nessecary step I had to take if I wanted to port the game to iPhone. I tried to get around it by installing a virtual machine of MacOSX, […]

22nd May 2016 0 Comments

Princess and Unicorn 1.0 released

Princess and Unicorn is my first game on the Google play store. This is a complete one man show, as I have had no help from other creating this. The only thing in this game that I did not create myself was the music and sound effects, which I got from some pages that offers […]

10th May 2016 0 Comments

Princess and Unicorn version 0.5.0 is here – rejoice :)

So, I have been working to get the last bits and pieces in place so that this game is ready to release – I am not quite there yet, but it is close. Making games is like building a sand castle at the beach on a summer day – every time you complete something, some new […]

4th May 2016 0 Comments

Rainbow and Pink Unicorn have entered the scene

Version 0.4.0 So, here we are again a new version is about to be ready, and I am closing in on having something that is ready for releasing into the public space and ending the start up of Princess and Unicorn. But before the final release, here I am with some new stuff. So, say […]