4th May 2016

Rainbow and Pink Unicorn have entered the scene

Version 0.4.0

So, here we are again a new version is about to be ready, and I am closing in on having something that is ready for releasing into the public space and ending the start up of Princess and Unicorn. But before the final release, here I am with some new stuff.

So, say hello to Pink Unicorn
The Unicorn that will run faster and jump higher than regular unicorn.


Rainbow Unicorn, with a soul made of pure colour and love, will run so fast that even the purest of heart will get high blood pressure if they try to keep up.




Unfortunately, do to the introduction of the new unicorns and the way that I previously saved data, I have had to reset the scores and upgrades – sorry about that 🙁 This might happen again as I will be integrating with the Google play service in next release, and I am unsure how this will affect the way that I save data.

On the bright side, I have added more coins to the levels, so that you now get more points for each game – the difficulty of the game have increased, so you now have to run faster to get away from death. Please let me know if you think it is to difficult.