22nd May 2016

Princess and Unicorn 1.0 released

Princess And Unicorn Poster

Princess and Unicorn is my first game on the Google play store.

This is a complete one man show, as I have had no help from other creating this. The only thing in this game that I did not create myself was the music and sound effects, which I got from some pages that offers free stuff like that.

Creating this game was a great learning experiences, and even though I have plenty of ideas on how to improve the game, it have to stop somewhere, and I am on to my next game.

I have decided that if purchases starts coming in on the game, I will start with some improvements.

But please, go ahead, play my game, and if you want more stuff, like, more power-ups, more unicorns, better sound effects etc. just use some real money, or watch some advertisements in the game – and I will make it.

As for the iPhone version, it is not here yet, and as it is with the extra features, if the game starts to get some attention – I will start working on a iPhone version as well – but I have to be able to afford at least a iPhone before I can do this 😉

Thank you to all the great people who helped me test this game and gave me feedback, it was really help full.