10th May 2016

Princess and Unicorn version 0.5.0 is here – rejoice :)

So, I have been working to get the last bits and pieces in place so that this game is ready to release – I am not quite there yet, but it is close.

Making games is like building a sand castle at the beach on a summer day – every time you complete something, some new good idea pops up in your mind, and you start building on a new part. It is great fun, but now, this castle have to be complete, since we are leaving the beach shortly 😉

So, with this release, I have a few nice things in store.

  1. For the person who cannot wait to unlock that Rainbow Unicorn – it is now possible to purchase using real money
  2. There is now more coins in the level, and it should be more fun collecting them
  3. Your score will now be shared with the rest of the world 🙂 (You have to be logged in to Google Play)
  4. There is now achievements that can be unlocked (You have to logged in to Google play)
  5. The Unicorns have been balanced slightly, making them all easier to play.


If you have not yet signed up to the Beta – you can do it by clicking on this link.