22nd May 2016 0 Comments

Princess and Unicorn 1.0 released

Princess and Unicorn is my first game on the Google play store. This is a complete one man show, as I have had no help from other creating this. The only thing in this game that I did not create myself was the music and sound effects, which I got from some pages that offers […]

10th May 2016 0 Comments

Princess and Unicorn version 0.5.0 is here – rejoice :)

So, I have been working to get the last bits and pieces in place so that this game is ready to release – I am not quite there yet, but it is close. Making games is like building a sand castle at the beach on a summer day – every time you complete something, some new […]

4th May 2016 0 Comments

Rainbow and Pink Unicorn have entered the scene

Version 0.4.0 So, here we are again a new version is about to be ready, and I am closing in on having something that is ready for releasing into the public space and ending the start up of Princess and Unicorn. But before the final release, here I am with some new stuff. So, say […]

21st April 2016 0 Comments

The Princess is here

I have just released the next version of Princess and Unicorn – this version is 0.3.0 and the main part of this update is the introduction of the Princess. The princess will be placed around the level, and if you deliver her to the castle, it will give you 10 coins as a bonus for […]

3rd April 2016 0 Comments

Princess and Unicorn – Beta for Android

I made this game “Princess and Unicorn” – In corporation with my son “Falke”, who had this period of “Frozen” where princesses where the best thing ever 🙂 I wanted to make a game, where I could explore and experiment with Google store and Ads in games – We decided that I should make a […]