• My Metroid Odyssey: An OCD Perspective
    Introduction Metroid is a series I grew up alongside, always being aware of it despite not playing the games for myself until the release of Fusion and Prime in the early 2000’s. This is the story of my experiences with 2D Metroid, the good and especially the bad over the years.  As a Nintendo kid […]
  • Game Recommendation: Soda Dungeon 2
    Soda anyone? Well, with this game you can battle monsters AND get your soda fix! Soda Dungeon 2 is a unique game combines turn based RPG with the theme of soda and its so fun. Raid the dark lord’s castle and stop him from destroying the world. Gameplay To stop the dark lord you must […]
  • Game Recommendation: Fire ‘N’ Ice
    Introduction So, you have a Nintendo Switch and have bought a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. With that subscription comes free NES and Super NES games. You’re excited to play these free NES and Super NES games, but you don’t know where to start? Then let me guide you to a little game called Fire ‘N’ […]
  • Tech Recommendation – Power A Wireless Enhanced Controller
    Looking for a quality Nintendo Switch controller at an affordable price? Power A wireless controllers have you covered!
  • The Game Recommendation Podcast – Episode 6 – Creatures of Aether
    On this episode of the Polyspice Game Recommendation Podcast, Thorbjorne, Robert, Gerardo, and Greyson take a look at the digital card-game spinoff of the indie fighting game Rivals of Aether, with the dynamic mobile deck-builder that is Creatures of Aether! Did it do enough to immerse them in the competitive world of card games? Listen […]