22nd May 2021 0 Comments

Food Fight is flying out of Beta and we’re excited!

Release Summary Here it is, Food Fight is all grown up and ready to be called a full release! These days have been difficult for the team. We’ve been currently juggling 3 different projects and we just don’t have the resources to fully commit to all of them. That’s why the release was split into […]

13th April 2021 0 Comments

Food Fight Update 0.9 – The “Finale” of the Beta

Summary The newest member of the Polyspice family, Food Fight – Bullies and Burgers is getting some love with it’s version 0.9 Update! We’re inching closer to the full release with this update. As such, the main contents of the update are consolidation of the game mechanics, feel and aesthetics. This lays the groundwork for […]

15th March 2021 0 Comments

Planet Rabbit v1.1.0

Summary This last month was tough. We’ve been crunching analytics trying to figure out how we could make Planet Rabbit even more fun and engaging. As a result we realized that a lot of players didn’t notice that the Aircraft in the game were upgrade-able. This meant most of them were trying to get through […]