22nd May 2021

Food Fight is flying out of Beta and we’re excited!

Release Summary

Here it is, Food Fight is all grown up and ready to be called a full release!

These days have been difficult for the team. We’ve been currently juggling 3 different projects and we just don’t have the resources to fully commit to all of them.
That’s why the release was split into two updates. 0.9 was a sort of pre-release update and now version 1.0 is the official release update. Nevertheless we’re really happy with the project. There’s some things we’re going to tweak and patch in later but it’s in a healthy and fun state right now.

I also took this opportunity to update the landing page, give it a look and maybe download the game!

Release Changes

The point of this Food Fight Release was to flesh out all of the changes from 0.9 as well as introduce the last systems we wanted on the full release.
We also went over fixing anything that might have popped up.

More food

We’ve added more food and split them into 3 categories depending on the acquisition method, there’s the normal food you buy in in-game currency, there’s mystery foods you can unlock by watching ads and premium foods that cost real currency.

Visual Effects

Some systems have new effects and animations and premium foods have their own signature trails.


We’ve added some guidance for when players first open the game, this should hopefully help players understand the game and it’s systems better.

Daily Rewards

Just a little gift for loyal players that login everyday, it should help you complete your food collection and we hope to add more cool gifts in the future.


For now it only has the player and members of Polyspice Games, it works as a sort of PVE leaderboard, we want to add social leaderboards and maybe rewards to beating the scores of the company members.


This is how we envisioned Food Fight to be from the start. It took a while but we’re here and honestly there’s nowhere to go but up!
We sincerely hope you enjoy our game and stick around to see what comes in the future!

See you in the Food Fight!