Planit Rabbits Press Kit
  • Online matchmaking for Campaigns
    Get ready to Race! This is not for the faint of heart. The rockets are ready, the rabbits are on fire, the rumble is about to start. Stop hesitating and start your engines, online matchmaking is here. Egnite your engines and join the race for carrots. Online Matchmaking The new online matchmaking will set you … Read more
  • Match other players with Leagues and online play!
    We are proud to announce that Rabbit Rocket Racing now have Leagues and Online Play integrated. The Leagues and Online play, is something we have been working hard on for a long time, and therefore really exited to share it with you. Online Play For the longes time we have wanted to add online play … Read more
  • Rabbit Rocket Racing release – Game Over
    A new patch have been release for Rabbit Rocket Racing. For this release we wanted to improve on smaller things, and besides making things more stable, make equipping Drones and Equipment more straight forward and easy to understand. Game Over Another thing that was introduced was the new game over screen, here you can see … Read more
  • Rabbit Rocket Racing, new version
    Do you want to test our new game? Then I have some good news for you my friend, because there is a new testable version of Rabbit Rocket Racing ready to rock. We are looking for persons who are willing to play our game, and give some feedback on all of the things that work … Read more
  • Food Fight – Online Leaderboard 1.6
    We have introduced online leaderboards to the game. Compete against others from all over the world and win big prices.