18th March 2023

Online matchmaking for Campaigns

Get ready to Race! This is not for the faint of heart. The rockets are ready, the rabbits are on fire, the rumble is about to start. Stop hesitating and start your engines, online matchmaking is here.

Egnite your engines and join the race for carrots.

Online Matchmaking

Searching for Opponents online, will we find someone for you to race against?

The new online matchmaking will set you up with other players of similar skill to push the limits of your piloting skills.
200 carrots is granted to the winner. Now thats a lot of carrots!

Opponents found, and ready to race you, Online Matchmaking have been completed

Tournamenet upgrades

The Tournaments now requires a minimum level to be played. This ensures that you will have a proper challenge

Turnaments have recived a loving hand, added requirement for your rocket to be level 20 before you can join. This makes the competition nicer and you will get the right type of challenge when you play. And we do not talk about the fact that the price for winning in high, and you want those carrots! Online Matchmaking is obvioulsy still a thing in Tournaments.

Download Rabbit Rocket Racing now

We invite you to play! Head over to the Google Play store to download Rabbit Rocket Racing and start playing.

Download Rabbit Rocket Racing Beta from Google Play

You can contact us by commenting below, If you have feedback for the game, please join our discord channel or send us a message through the contact form

What does beta mean to us?: In Polyspice, we like to create games that are fun to play, and we like to create games for our players, this means that we are highly relying on your feedback on our games, so that we can improve it. Flick the Ball, is a really small version of a game that could become bigger, if it have success, and a lot of people find it interesting. While in Beta, it is a cut down version of what it could become.