9th May 2024

Help Us Launch “Bunny Bunker” into the Stars!

Are you ready for an adventure that’s truly out of this world? Join us on a unique gaming journey with “Bunny Bunker” our latest game under development, set to launch on Steam soon. We invite you to be a part of our early testing phase and help shape the final frontier for our celestial cottontails! This is Bunny Bunker game testing!

In “Bunny Bunker,” you are helping a group of rabbits determined to find a new home amongst the stars. The Bunnys are building a space rocket from rocks and wood, crafting their very own ark to escape nightly threats from mysterious predators on their tail. But this isn’t just any space voyage—our bunnies need your clever strategies and creative thinking to successfully launch into the cosmos.

Here’s where you come in! As we gear up for the official release, your feedback is crucial. We’re particularly eager to hear what aspects of “Bunny Bunker” you find most enjoyable. Is it the resource management gameplay, the charming rabbit characters, or the thrill of dodging nocturnal foes? Additionally, we value your insights on enhancements. What features would you improve or add to make “Bunny Bunker” even more engaging?

To participate in this exciting testing phase, please visit our test page at Bunny Bunker game testing. For more information about the game and to stay updated on its development, check out our website at Bunny Bunker Official Webpage.

Your feedback is more than just valuable; it’s a critical part of our development process. Help us perfect “Bunny Bunker” and ensure our bunnies make a giant leap—not just for rabbitkind, but for gamers everywhere! Join us, and let’s create a game that’s as fun as it is unforgettable.