20th February 2023

Match other players with Leagues and online play!

We are proud to announce that Rabbit Rocket Racing now have Leagues and Online Play integrated.

The Leagues and Online play, is something we have been working hard on for a long time, and therefore really exited to share it with you.

Online Play

For the longes time we have wanted to add online play to our games. We wanted to use something that would work on all platforms, and that could scale. Firebase Firestore is the platform we choose.

The online will initially be using the Rocket level to match with other plays so that the challenge gets optimal and not to difficult. We store all Replays and Tournaments in a format, where it is possible for us in the future to improve matchmaking.

We are storing all of our plays and Tournaments in firebase, meaning that any platform can get the right opponents. The League and Online play is ready for you.


Our league system work by you playing Tournaments, each time you win a tournament, you will get rewarded with League points, that will eventually take you to the next league.

We are looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

The League system introduces online play. Now, go get into the game!

Still in Beta

The game is still in Beta, but we are moving fast towards a final release.

Download Rabbit Rocket Racing now

We invite you to play! Head over to the Google Play store to download Rabbit Rocket Racing and start playing.

Download Rabbit Rocket Racing Beta from Google Play

You can contact us by commenting below, If you have feedback for the game, please join our discord channel or send us a message through the contact form

What does beta mean to us?: In Polyspice, we like to create games that are fun to play, and we like to create games for our players, this means that we are highly relying on your feedback on our games, so that we can improve it. Flick the Ball, is a really small version of a game that could become bigger, if it have success, and a lot of people find it interesting. While in Beta, it is a cut down version of what it could become.