Planet Rabbit Press Kit

“Calling all Rabbiteer Pilots, Rabbit Colonists are stranded on the Cheese Planet! Get out there and bring them home.”

Welcome to the Planet Rabbit Press Kit, for any additional information don’t hesitate in further contacting us through the information in the Fact Sheet section.

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Polyspice Games
  • Release Date: 16th of April 2020 
  • Platforms: Android and IOS
  • Website:
  • Price: Free with In App Payments and Ads
  • Language: English
  • Contact (e-mail):


Planet Rabbit is a Casual Action game oriented around the Rescue of Rabbits trapped on an alien planet made of Cheese! Players will control several types of Aircraft such as Rockets and UFOs with controls modeled after the arcade classic Lunar Lander. They must land cautiously to pick up endangered Rabbits and bring them safely back to the Base for Evacuation.

Players begin with just one Aircraft, a hand me down from the Commander: The Retro UFO, “Riverwhale”.

… It has seen better days, as such players will want to buy a new Rocket or UFO once they’ve collected enough Spacebucks. Thankfully that shouldn’t take too long, the Rabbit Colonists are sure to pay anyone who rescues them, and those Spacebucks can be used in the Hanger to buy a better ship! (Or to Upgrade “Riverwhale” if you’re on a tight budget.)

Core Gameplay Loop

Players will undertake Rescue missions to save all Rabbits in a Region/Level.

Aircraft can be damaged and need Repairs and Fuel to fly, this can be done either by picking up collectibles throughout the Level or by landing on a Repair or Refueling Platform.

While initially Players will not encounter any Hostile forces, Bandits have settled in among the Colonists to harass them, and by extension the Player! 

Skillful navigation thus becomes increasingly important as the Player progresses. But even with skill, navigating some levels may require ships of different specialities or of higher performance for the hardest of challenges. That is where the Hanger and its services come in.

The Hanger

Players visit the Hanger before the start of each Mission, and may Purchase or Upgrade Ships there as well as choosing what ship they’ll take for the mission.

Rockets tend to have better cargo capacity allowing for less round trips, they also give the player a bigger multiplier for the Spacebucks earned during the mission making them have a better return on their investment.

On the other hand, UFOs are incredibly nimble and easy to control. They make navigating tight spaces easier since the player doesn’t have to fight gravity as they stabilize automatically.

Upgrading any kind of ship will increase all of its capabilities, from handling to speed, fuel efficiency and cargo.

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