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April 25th 2019





Brace yourself, as these Cancer cells are about to make you really really angry… luckily, you will be able to beat the life out of these corrupted cells before they can do any harm.

Protect yourself from these vicious and obnoxious cancer cells by finger punching them as they flow down your bloodstream. Some of them are pretty fast and hard to kill. Don’t despair, we have prepared a small arsenal to help you get rid of them faster. Bombs, walls, and cannons will come in handy when dealing with these pesky cells.

Beat Cancer combines idle clicker and Beat ’em up features to create simple yet action-packed gameplay. Beat the hell out of this terrible disease, one tap at a time.


I live right next to a cancer research facility, and I think about it every day. We all know someone that’s been affected by this. The facility is constantly running fundraisers, sometimes with humorous and fun themes. I believe cancer research really matters, and I wanted to contribute. But I wanted to do it in an entertaining way.

I realized that with all their clever campaigns, they’ve never made a game to raise funds. That’s what inspired Beat Cancer. I wanted to give patients and their close ones an opportunity to have a good time while fighting cancer. 20% of the revenue generated by this title will be donated to cancer research. Every time they watch an ad or make a purchase they will be making a real difference.


  • Tap action, finger punch those obnoxious cells.
  • 5 Different weapons: Finger, Walls, Bombs, cannons, and rockets.
  • Upgrade your arsenal with diamonds.
  • 4 kinds of cancer cells to beat.
  • 6 Unique levels to unlock.
  • Comedy club, open mic for cancer cells.


Gameplay video (Pre-release).


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Visual Art
Luis Miguel Jocson
Dasha Avdeeva

Nikola Garabandic
Thorbjorn Lynggaard Sorensen
William Jones

Voice Acting
Martin Whiskin

William Jones

Marketing and promotion
Igor Grujovski
Daniel Rosales

Product Management
Thorbjorn Lynggaard Sorensen

Project management
Thorbjorn Lynggaard Sorensen