27th May 2022

Are You Super Interested In Game Development? Now Is Your Chance!

If you are into game development, and love game design, you should help us with our Core gameplay loop testing for Idle Bunny Breeder, and have influence on building the foundation for the game.

It is our pleasure to release this first version of Idle Bunny Breeder, where we share the Core gameplay loop.

What is a core gameplay loop you might ask?

Well, the core gameplay loop, is the core and center of the game. It is what drives the game and makes it fun. It is important to get the core gameplay loop right, as this gives you a solid foundation to build on. This makes it easier to add new features and ideas in the future.

The core gameplay loop is what the player needs to understand to have fun with the game. So when we say that we now have a game with the Core loop running, it simply means that we have created the most essential part of the game.

Sign up as tester now!

If you want to see and discuss gameplay mechanics, and are interested in game development. You should sign up for testing our games.

We are in the process of setting up a test community. Here we aim to test and talk about gameplay and game mechanics, and educate each other.

At Polyspice, we try to use this to create the best possible games.

If you want to become a tester, and want to participate in the community of talking about game mechanics. You can contact us by commenting below.

It is also possible for you to join our discord channel or send us a message through the contact form

How do I test

For Idle Bunny Breeder right now, we are testing what parts of this core gameplay loop is unclear. Does the core loop work, and how does it work?

Do you understand how to make Space bucks, do you see the connections and how things are put together? If there are things that are unclear, what are those, and how is it unclear.

What we need help with, is understanding what part of the Core loop works, and what parts that does not work. We need to know the places where it is hard to understand what is going on, and this is where the testing comes into the picture.

This video shows the Core gameplay loop of Idle Bunny Breeder in action.

How to access the test

And you can only test it by signing up as a tester. Contact us via the contact form or join our discord server, let us know that you would like to participate as a tester.

Please feel free to leave a comment below here, or join our discord server and leave some comments there.

Join our discord channel by clicking the image

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