7th March 2022

Flick the Ball – Beta version ready for download

Flick the Ball, is out in Beta, and you are now able to go download it, and give us your feedback.

In the game, you play as the ball that lived in the forest happily, but the evil wizard started a forest fire. You have to get away from the fire, and on the way collect as many coins as possible so that you can upgrade yourself in the shop.

Flick the Ball is quick and straight to the point, with instant challenging gameplay.

The game is supposed to be fast paced, fun and intense. Download it to see if you agree, and let us know how you believe that the game could be improved.

You play the game by dragging your finger, and letting to, this will send the ball in the direction that you dragged your finger. Take care though, that you do not run out of energy, as this can happen really fast. You recharge your energy by collecting the “lightning” on your way. At the same time, you can pick up the coins, and use these to upgrade the ball between games. This will enable you to go further for each play session.

Flick the Ball is now available on Google Play as a beta version

You can contact us by commenting below, If you have feedback for the game, please join our discord channel or send us a message through the contact form

What does beta mean to us?: In Polyspice, we like to create games that are fun to play, and we like to create games for our players, this means that we are highly relying on your feedback on our games, so that we can improve it. Flick the Ball, is a really small version of a game that could become bigger, if it have success, and a lot of people find it interesting. While in Beta, it is a cut down version of what it could become

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