25th January 2022

Oops Poops is ready for feedback!

We’re ready to share an early early version of Oops Poops. We want your feedback, so please give it to us! Oops Poops is ready for feedback!

“Oops Poops” is ready for feedback! After a few weeks of development, it’s been a hard birth, and at times we were were not sure if we could push through with everything that needed to be in place. But we kept at it, and now the first round is out, as an internal test version.

Download Oops Poops for the Google play store
The 3 stages of an Oops Poop’s life

First stage, your deliverer into this world sits on the porcelain throne, fighting to give you the best possible start on life, building up pressure to give you the highest possible starting speed.

Second stage, Oops Poops (Poops) surf through the pipes of the city, and on this journey, your goal is to build up as much speed as possible, simultaneously growing your Oops Poops to build resilience against the dangers of the ocean.

Third stage, the ocean is a big and scary place, with a lot of Poop destroying obstacles. Slide through the ocean, avoid all the obstacles, sacrifice parts of yourself to gain speed, and see how far into the ocean you can get. Are you able to beat all of the other Poops that have taken the journey before you?

Make the hero go as far as you can, and play again to see if you can go further after upgrades. Oops Poops is ready for feedback, we want you to help us.
Float through the ocean and see how far you can go
What do we want the game to feel like

When planning this game, we set the following requirements for the game, and these are what we are looking for feedback on.

Game Pillars
  1. Immediate fun – We want the game to be quick & easy to pick up and play;
  2. Fun to share – It would be fun to share how big your poop gets, what parts of the ocean you see, and what you encounter along in the sewers.
Player feelings
  1. Curious – The player will feel curiosity as to what environments and elements come next.
  2. Fun – As the player is playing the game, we want them to be entertained and find the game funny;
Game Constraints
  1. Time – Short sessions
  2. Accessible – The game should require one hand only
  3. Small scope – 5K.

Lastely, we have a challenge since the game is about “Poop”

Challenge: Make it funny without making it gross.

Help us out

The game is not ready yet, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot play it. At the time of writing this, we need feedback on how the game plays, nothing would make us happier than you helping us with this! Contribute by commenting here, write us, or join our Discord channel. All comments are more than welcome, and we appreciate all forms of feedback.

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