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Based in Denmark


Website: https://www.polyspice.com/princess-and-unicorn/

Price: Free


You play a heart filled Unicorn on its quest to rescue the princess, riding through an eternal sunshine-filled fairytale scenario, with the evil grim reaper in sharp pursuit. Aim your jumps to ascend to higher platforms and anticipate the speed and direction of your unicorn, to always stay one step ahead.

On your journey, you will find enchanted gifts of jump spells, random obstacles that bar your path, and you will rescue lost princesses and let them ride on your back until they are returned to their fairy tale castles.


  • 2D Vertical platformer
  • Upgrade your Unicorn
  • Unlock more Unicorns
  • Buy Items
  • Cute graphics
  • Rescue the Princess


Princess and Unicorn

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About Polyspice

Me, me, me… this section is all about me. Here I have the opportunity to write a lot of cool stuff about who I am, and how awesome I am.

However, truth be told – I am just your regular joe.. not much to offer, other than my passion for creating stuff, and game development is a perfect way for me to create.

So… there you have it.. the section about me, completely wasted on ridiculous nonsense.


Visual Art
Luis Miguel Jocson
Dasha Avdeeva

Nikola Garabandic
Thorbjorn Lynggaard Sorensen
William Jones

Voice Acting
Martin Whiskin

William Jones

Marketing and promotion
Igor Grujovski
Daniel Rosales

Product Management
Thorbjorn Lynggaard Sorensen

Project management
Thorbjorn Lynggaard Sorensen