19th June 2022

A brand new version of Rabbit Rocket Racing

Exiting news, there is a new epic version of Rabbit Rocket Racing ready for playing.

If you are the happy owner of an Android phone, you should go straight to Google play and download Rabbit Rocket Racing now.

In this new version of the beta, we have improved the feedback the game gives you, so that you can use more energy on playing the game, instead of trying to understand the game.

Get good faster as a Rabbit Rocket Racer with this new update for the game.

New tutorial levels

Four new tutorial levels have been added to Rabbit Rocket Racing.

The tutorials explains each part of the game, so that even if the game is hard, you get a flying start.

Get good fast, and get to compete with other rockets faster.

A guiding whisp

Getting lost is a problem of the past with this new update.

Now a tutorial arrow will guide you around the level, so you can focus on controlling your rocket instead of trying to find your way around the level.

A guiding arrow will show you the way to your destination.

General balancing

Since the game is not for casual n00bs, it can be really hard to get into.

We have tweaked and nerfed the first rocket to a point where it is super easy to fly.

This gives you the practice needed, before you move on to the more complicated and powerful rockets.

Go download Rabbit Rocket Racing now

We invite you to play! Head over to the Google Play store to download Rabbit Rocket Racing and start playing.

Download Rabbit Rocket Racing Beta from Google Play

You can contact us by commenting below, If you have feedback for the game, please join our discord channel or send us a message through the contact form

What does beta mean to us?: In Polyspice, we like to create games that are fun to play, and we like to create games for our players, this means that we are highly relying on your feedback on our games, so that we can improve it. Flick the Ball, is a really small version of a game that could become bigger, if it have success, and a lot of people find it interesting. While in Beta, it is a cut down version of what it could become.