12th May 2022

Get some Brutal Bunny Breeding Mayhem in this new Idle game

Our Brutal Bunny Breeding Mayhem Idle game is in development. And we are looking for people to help us test and give us some feedback.

This is one of the first drafts of the game, that is about Breeding Bunnies and taking over the universe.
Breed Bunnies, Expand Colonies, Rule All!

The first draft of our new Brutal Bunny Breeding Mayhem Idle game is shaping up nicely, and we now have the basic stuff in place.

You will be breeding bunnies in space in this game. Eventually you will have populated the moon completely, and move to new planets. If you do everything right, you will end up ruling the Universe!

The cute bunnies are like parasites.. cute parasites though 😉 And your job is to make the make as much love as possible before the go to a new planet to populate that as well – that is for sure Brutal Bunny Breeding Mayhem.

Testing and Feedback to Polyspice

The game is now at a stage, where soon we will be needing some testers to help balance and influence the game, this means that we are looking for people who can help us with this task, or whatever comes up. We aim to listen to everyone. We will consider every idea that is proposed.

Your ideas might not be added to the game, this is not because they were not good, but typically, because we have to choose between several ideas. We also have to be careful about how much we can add.

We have a VERY simple gameplay loop at the current state. There is two buildings to interact with, and these buildings have two upgrades each. We have done so to make it easy to tweak and control all the variables.

What we need help for is, ideas for improvements to the game, understanding if the concept is fun. Where to improve and things like this. This is very early testing, and is an experiment on getting player opinions early in the process of creating the game.

How to contact us

You can contact us by commenting below, If you want to participate in testing and giving feedback on the game, please join our discord channel or send us a message through the contact form

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