24th November 2021

Polyspice status update

As you have probably noticed, it have been a bit quiet for a while with releases and such from Polyspice. And that might have you thinking. Are they still alive, is things still going strong? And the answer to this is “YES!” We are still here, and we are still going strong, we are just in a state where we are trying out a few new options, and figuring out what we want to work on. This post is a status on Polyspice and what we are currently working on.

I will be trying to come with some bi-weekly updates on what we are working on, and what the progress is on our current projects, and in general “we are alive”.

So, what have we been up to since last update on Planet Rabbit and Food Fight ?

Guild Master Simulator

First, we started a bigger project called “Guild Master Simulator” – and we spend a few month on this project, before we realized that this project was too big, it was set on pause, and we moved on to the next project. There is a lot that can be said about this project, but I will leave that for another time and another blogpost. So the status of Guild Master Simulator, is that it is currently put on ice.

A concept for the game “Guild Master Simulator” that never came to be, or at least not for now.

Oops Poops

So what is the new project you might ask? Well, we were unsure if this was to much, but the name of the game is “Oops Poops”, a game about a piece of poo and its travels towards the ocean, and this is a real challenge. We want to make something that is fun, without being disgusting, something that gives the player a smile while playing.

Without going in to much details about the new game, I can reveal, that it will be a game of quick reaction, as you control the happy little poop through the pipes leading to the ocean.

We are looking very much forward to share more about this fantastic fun little game with the world, and also a bit scared, if we are going to be able to pull it off, making it as fun in reality, as it is in our heads.

If you have any comments or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us on our Discord channel, were we are always listening.