Total Party Kill
17th December 2019

Recommended Game-Total Party Kill

Are you looking for a challenge? Something that is satisfying? Total Party Kill just might be the game your looking for. This game is a puzzle platformer where the goal is to reach the door. Sounds simple enough right? Well if you factor in the three warriors you control and the obstacles that stand in your way, you might start to think differently.

Total Party Kill is a unique game. You control a party of three warriors each with a different ability. The archer shoots arrows, the wizard shoots balls of ice, and the swordsman swings his sword. What makes this game so unique is how you use these abilities. You see instead of working together like a normal party of warriors, its everyone for himself. For example, if the door is a little out of reach, shoot an arrow at a party member to stick them to a wall. Now you can use him as a step to reach the door. Is a spiked wall keeping you from pressing a switch? Swing your sword and knock a party member through the wall and into the switch. A pit of spikes in your way? Freeze a party member and use him as a platform. You get the picture.

The graphics in this game. I would compare them to a gameboy color game. You know…pixelated but still makes for a nice looking game. As for the controls they are pretty straight forward. See through on screen buttons that let you move left and right, jump, switch between warriors and use your ability. All of which responds well to your touch. Sometimes the controls are a little too sensitive though making you move more then you wanted to move. Another annoying thing is when the same music plays on repeat. which some players may like since the music sounds alot like a sonic level.

This is a challenging game. it really makes you use your brain and think ahead. The higher the level the harder the puzzles become. Forcing you to try and figure out which combination of abilities works well with the current situation. Sometimes the game may even give you only two out of the three warriors to use. Or you may find that the warriors have been seperated. Want more of a challenge? This game also has a Time Attack Mode where you play the game as fast as you can and try to beat your best time.

I must repeat this. This is a CHALLENGING game! If you want a cute easy game to play then this game is not for you. But if you like puzzles and retro looking games (because lets face it. Who doesnt like a good retro game) then welcome home! This game will have you glued to the screen. When you beat one level it feels so satisfying that you wont want to stop playing. Its that addicting. Gamer Tip: If your stuck on a level it is best to walk away from the game for a while and clear your head. Also thinking ahead while trying to solve a puzzle works to. But at the end of the day its really about trial and error due to the fact that you have an infinite amount of tries to solve a puzzle. I love this game and i know you will too. This is a free mobile game that is available to download from the google play store.

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