Super Cat Bros
26th November 2019

Recommended Game – Super Cat Bros.

Is it me or are there a lot of mobile cat games out there. I’m not a big cat fan myself but that didn’t stop me from playing Super Cat Bros. This game is like a mix of super mario and cats. Why? Well first of all its a platformer. When you play this game it looks like a super mario game(the cartoony ones not the pixel kind).From the level design to the map. It looks similar. Second of all…well…instead of playing as mario you play as a cat. Which is probably why the creators of this game named it Super Cat Bros…Duh!

This may look like a mario game but its gameplay sets it apart. For one thing you can’t jump whenever you feel like it. You can only jump by running off a platform. Also the only way to kill monsters is by using items you can get by spending your hard earned coins. Lastly there are many different cats to unlock. Each of which have a unique ability that will help you pass an area and collect bells which will unlock more levels. For example there is a blue cat that has the ability to swim pass water currents which is useful for entering secret areas of certain levels. Unlock the orange cat and you gain the ability to headbutt and break blocks. All of these things make this game challenging especially when your trying to collect all of the hidden bells, cats, and keys.

The controls for this game are pretty simple and easy to use. Tap or hold down your finger on the left side of the screen to move or run to your left and do the same on the right side to move or run to your right. To climb all you have to do is walk towards elevated ground and you’ll automatically climb upwards. You can even do a wall jump by pressing on the screen in the opposite direction of where your climbing. Its that simple! There are no transparent on screen buttons, like in other platformer mobile games, where you have to press correctly.

The story for this game is pretty straight foreword. A group of cats are flying across the ocean in a hot air balloon when a couple of monkeys on a near by island decide to fire a cannon ball at the hot air balloon. The cats plummet towards the island and are separated. Your job is to reunite with your cat buddies. And so the adventure begins!

I really enjoyed playing this game. The levels are cool and fun. Sometimes a bit on the easy side(if you go straight from point A to point B. Collecting all the bells and cats makes it more fun because it makes it more harder). Even though this game looks like a Mario game, there is alot that sets it apart. Which the creators obviously did on purpose. This mobile game is worth the download. I strongly recommend this game. Its free in the google play store.

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