28th October 2019

Game Recommendations -Piffle

Piffle is cute, a very cute little Block Breaker game. That being said, it feels like half of my impression already. There are deeper items almost anywhere you might think to look. Simplicity isn’t bad though, and having spent four hours on this simple pleasure… I want something substantial.

Piffle is candy. A nice flavor, delightful presentation, and for a bit at a time it’s fine as a little dopamine rush.

But there isn’t a lot to chew on at a time. I spent a dollar on my Shiba Inu Piffles, and so was able to play without ads for a long while. As said, several hours went into this.

You have a number of balls called Piffles, they’re cute. You carefully aim a shot, considering the rebounding and bounce trajectory, then fire all in rapid succession at once toward the same point, trying to break a variety of blocks. Oddly cute blocks because of course the blocks you break are cute. My favorite is the Pigata. Piñata shaped like pigs, they drop random stuff when broken.

All blocks have an HP count, piffles do a set damage per hit. Blocks descend in turn based fashion, one space after each throw, smooshing you once they draw too near. Several Item types exist, helping give a Resource Management aspect, purchaseable in a pinch with ingame currency. Rest assured, when you get smooshed, you are smooshed in cute fashion as well.

Piffle is cute, accessible, and you should try this bit of virtual candy if you have a Mobile device that will run it.

That being said, I’d be more engaged if I could skip to some ultra hardcore difficulty. Simple and Easy isn’t really my thing.

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