7th August 2019

Bricks Breaker Quest

If you’re like me and have been playing video games for the better part of the past 25 years, mobile games are a hard sell. Which is why a game like Bricks Breaker Quest is so good. Published by Mobirix, Bricks Breaker Quest is a game based around the 1976 classic Breakout, where you take control of a small at the bottom of the screen in order to break all the bricks at the top of the screen before they come to the bottom. It’s very simplistic, yet very challenging at you get further and further through the game.


bricks breaker quest's graphics

Bricks Breaker Quest is very simple graphically. If it wasn’t for the fact that the ball is round, Bricks Breaker Quest is a game that could have come out at any point in the past 43 years since the original Breakout. But even with the simplistic design, Breaks Breaker Quest looks good on a modern device. All the text is sharp and easy to read, and all of the objects are easy to tell what they are; bricks look like boxes, the balls look like the shape you’ve selected, and the diamonds look like the stereotypical diamonds you see in media often.

Bricks Breaker Quest levels


The sound design for Bricks Breaker Quest is simple; an audible pop when the ball hits the break, a sound specific to the lasers that destroy blocks, and a small jingle when you win or lose. Otherwise, it’s a very quiet game that shouldn’t bother others around you too much if you’re playing at a low volume.


Bricks Breaker Quest Gameplay

Bricks Breaker Quest is enjoyable from start to finish. It is completely built around touchscreen controls; you hold down on the screen to get an angle correct that you want your ball to go, and release when you see the perfect angle. But beware; what you think maybe the best angle may not be how the ball bounces. But don’t let this discourage you; the controls are so tight that any misstep is completely your fault.

Ads and in-game purchases

The ad policy on this game is the best yet; there are NO pop-up ads. The only ads that I’ve seen on Bricks Breaker Quest are banner ads on the top and bottom. As for in-game purchases, Bricks Breaker Quest utilizes diamonds that you gain after every successful map, which you can use for new shapes of balls, a continue option if you don’t succeed and a couple of power-ups that come around randomly. But you aren’t in any way required to buy anything to do well in the game. In fact, I actively discourage it; a game like this is all about solving the puzzle you’re presented.

Final Analysis – Bricks Breaker Quest

Bricks Breaker Quest is an extremely enjoyable puzzle game with hundreds of stages to go through, plus several modes of play. It’s great for a quick session while you’re waiting on appointments or while you’ve got a few hours to kill. And the best part is that it’s extremely quick to load. Check it out, you don’t want to miss out on Bricks Breaker Quest.

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