31st March 2019

Beat Cancer – Version 1.3

A new version is ready, and a lot has changed! By some, this is considered the last test version before the game is published as a general release. 🙂

The final things that are needed, is to make the payment work, and make sure that the balance of the game is on par. But for this, I need some help with testing, and some feedback. To download the game, please visit the page for Beat Cancer.

It is also possible to download Beat Cancer for both Android and iPhone directly.

Download the game in the AppStore

New Features

Some new features were added, we have selected a few to be highlighted.

Health bar

First of, there is a health bar for the cancer cells, so that it is possible to see how much damage is inflicted, and how much beating there is left before the cancer cell is done.

This is extremely helpful, and have added a lot to the game play. We are very pleased with this change, and hope you will be pleased as well.

New unlocking of weapons Tutorials

It have been changed, so that it is now necessary to unlock weapons in the shop, once the weapons are unlocked, you will see a tutorial, showing you how the new weapon is supposed to be used, we are hoping that this will make it easier to understand how weapons are supposed to be used.

Comedy club

A brand new Comedy club have been added, here you can listen and react as the Cancer Cell cracks some bad/dad jokes on your head. We have been very unsure about this feature, so let us know what you think, and we will either keep it, or remove it based on your response.


A huge effort have been put in to balancing the game so that it is not to difficult, and there is more work to be done here. Which is why we are asking for your help, so please give us any feedback on any ideas or suggestions you might have to the balancing of the game.